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Knowing When It's Time To Go

One of the big worries, when you're thinking about moving overseas, is what happens if it goes horribly wrong, or you can't settle for some reason. I've been thinking about this a lot recently with Hong Kong, South Africa and Brexit currently in the news. South Africa, a place we called home for two years, has seen a lot of horrible events this year and it's taken me back to the time that we realised we could no longer stay there long-term. For the record, this isn't intended to be a 'woe-is-me' piece - living in developing countries has made me acutely aware of how advantaged I am, and that the problems facing expats are generally self-made; we have the luxury of being able to choose where to live, and also when to leave. 

* Please note, this post may be difficult reading, especially for victims of crime and sexual violence.